PPC Checklist with 50 Points

See how my 50 point PPC audit checklist can help you optimize campaigns. It’s an awesome free resource that many of my students say is like a ‘PPC mini course’

What Makes this PPC Audit Checklist Different?

Many PPC checklists focus on basic quick-fire tips and don’t provide a clear explanation of why you need to perform the suggested actions.

In this PPC checklist, which is a free MS Excel spreadsheet download, you will be provided with a clear explanation as to why you need to look at a specific point of optimization and what to do in specific scenarios.

What You’ll See when you download the PPC Checklist

When you open the spreadsheet you’ll see the full list of 50 audit points. They range from initial campaign setup decisions trough to regular tasks that you should spend time on every week within your PPC account.

The tasks are also prioritised from low priority, to high priority. This will allow you to plan your optimizations based on how necessary they are in the short and long term.

The most important part of this checklist is the explanations, which is something missing from a lot of PPC checklists out there. When you click in to the explanations, you’ll be taken to a page which will full explain the reason for the optimization you’re making and how to do it.

Explanations make this PPC checklist incredibly valuable and it’s something that my students tell me helps them every day when creating and managing search campaigns on Google Ads.

You Won’t Find another PPC Checklist with 50 Points!

There are a lot of PPC checklists out there, most of which have 10 points. But my PPC audit checklist has a whopping 50 points.

So what are you waiting for? It’s free! Download the checklist now, grow your campaign performance and make more sales!

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