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CPD Group™ Accredited Google Ads Certification

CPD Group™ Accredited Google Ads Certification

Technical, 'hands on' PPC Training

Theory is only part of the story. Practical, hands-on training is the only way to become the smartest marketer in the room.

Our practical training shows you step by step how to leverage Google Ads to an advanced level.

With the PPC landscape getting more competitive every year, it's crucial you feel confident that you can deliver exceptional results.

Join the top 1% of marketers.

See what makes us the best place to develop as a Google Ads Expert

Who We Work With

Our PPC training course materials are taught at the IDM (DMA Group), Hult International Business School and The University of Greenwich.

Full Course Curriculum

See the comprehensive and up to date course curriculum below,

The course is video based and comes with downloadable resources.

Always Up To Date

We will always keep this course up to date with new materials, so once you've enrolled, you'll always have access to highly relevant Google Ads training.

The next course update will be – How to Create WINNING 'Performance Max' Campaigns

Next Update Available Within

Ready to Get Certified?

Get ahead and gain the specific Google Ads knowledge you need to confidently build winning campaigns using advanced strategies.

Our course is certified with The CPD Group™ ensuring the materials are robust up to date and high quality.

You'll be awarded with a CPD certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Lifetime Tutor Support

3 Months of Course Tutor Support

When you enroll on this Google Ads course, you'll be entitled to unlimited tutor support from the Director and Principal Darren Taylor.

Get the full learning experience through tutor interaction and be confident that an answer to your PPC struggles is just one click away.

Ask any PPC questions you like and you'll get a prompt answer.

See What Our Students Think

Ben Turner | PPC Consultant

Great course, all info relevant and up to date, which is often the problem with other courses. The layout and structure of the course is easy to follow.

Darren has a great style of teaching, giving clear and detailed explanations on what can be an overwhelming and complex topic – Google Ads!

If you're a business owner looking to run your own ads, it's a no-brainer investment. Trying to do it alone without this course will see you wasting more money than the cost of this course and some of your time.

Dre Richmond | Marketing Manager

After getting a masters in Digital Marketing in 2018 (i.e. plus all the Certifications you can think of) and working on PPC/SEM campaigns in the corporate world, I can truthfully say the course has been the best training on Google Ads.

During the course, I said multiple times that I would've invested my $30k student loan in this program rather than my degrees!

I became confident in sharing Google Ads recommendations with my peers on the job about Google Ads and deliver them results because I was able to understand the training and get Darren's assistance in those areas I was once unclear about.

Meet Your Tutor and Mentor

Darren Taylor is a digital marketing consultant and trainer with over 10 years experience, specialising in PPC and wider digital marketing strategy. He is the Principal and Director here at The SEM Academy and host of The SEM Academy YouTube Channel

He has built and managed successful PPC campaigns at both the multinational FTSE100 level and for growing small businesses. When you enrol on The SEM Academy PPC training, you'll get lifetime tuition from Darren.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how the Google Ads auction works in depth
  • Understand what factors affect your setup and performance
  • Learn how to do keyword research and budget your ads effectively
  • Go beyond Google Ads and learn conversion rate optimisation, planning with spreadsheets and reporting
  • Learn how to set up profitable, well targeted campaigns that deliver positive ROI
  • Advanced conversion tracking using the Google Tag Manager
  • Understand what makes a compelling text ad that people want to click
  • Understand how to use all the Google Ads features through step by step setup tutorials
  • Learn advanced Google Ads strategy

This is an accredited training course.

Are You An Employer?

Or is your employer funding this training for your team?

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Answers to our most commonly asked questions are below. If you still need help, get in touch.


Who should take this course?

The course is designed for those working in, or aspiring to work in marketing and business. We train in-house marketers, freelancers, agency staff, business owners, entrepreneurs and trainee marketers. 

Marketers at every level will benefit from this training and upon completing the course, you will have the ability to use Google Ads at an advanced level.

Can I get support?

Absolutely. We believe that you should get the full classroom experience, even when learning online. All members of The SEM Academy can submit questions directly to the tutor and get a fast response. You can ask as many questions as you like.

What recognition do you have?

Our courses are approved by the CPD Accreditation Group (accreditation number #777926), ensuring that all of our courses are robust and high quality. 

You state that your course is technical, is that true?

Yes. We have a strong focus on offering technical tutorial style courses that show you step by step how to use the advanced features of Google Ads.

Many course providers will tell you what PPC is. but with us, you'll know how to actually use the features of Google Ads like a professional through step by step video tutorials.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, you will receive a CPD certificate at the end of our training course. You can add this to your resume and allocate it to your CPD training hours.

How are your course materials presented?

Course materials consist of video lessons and tutorials which show you step by step how to leverage Google Ads profitably. There are also quizzes in between the lessons to ensure attainment.

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