Hotjar Training Course

Learn how to use Hotjar to understand your website visitors,
identify issues and improve your conversion rate and website usability

This course is accredited with the CPD Group

Understand What Users Are Doing on Your Website

Most data analytics packages show you data and statistics around traffic, conversions and bounce rate etc. but what are users ACTUALLY doing on your website?

Hotjar answers that question by allowing you to visually see how users interact with your content, providing opportunities to improve your conversion rate.

Watch The Course Introduction

Course Curriculum

Introduction to CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) (7:03)
Introduction to Hotjar (7:28)
Getting Started
Creating a Free Account (2:21)
Set Up the Hotjar Tag (2:55)
Hotjar Dashboard Tour (2:59)
Creating Your First Heatmap (5:34)
Reviewing a Heatmap (6:10)
How to Interpret Heatmap Data (6:27)
Setting Up and Reviewing Recordings (4:47)
How to Interpret Recordings (6:53)
Surveys and Feedback
Surveys Walkthrough (11:34)
Incoming Feedback (5:36)
Final Knowledge Check
Course Summary and Certification (2:35)

Heatmaps, Recordings and User Feedback. Hotjar Can do it All

Hotjar has 4 principal modes of functionality, and you're going to learn how to use them.


Understand the areas of your website users find the most interesting. Visually see where they click, hover and scroll.


Ever wanted to see what users actually do on your website? Hotjar allows you to record user sessions and review the footage, See exactly what users are doing

Surveys and Feedback

If you want to know more about your customers, ask them a multiple choice question to build a picture of user demographics. Or ask for feedback on your users website experience.

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Get Certified

When you pass this course (and all courses with The SEM Academy) you will be rewarded with a CPD certificate accredited by The CPD Group™

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to set up heatmaps to understand the highest engagement areas of your website
  • Track session recordings and interpret the footage to plan website optimisations
  • Build questionaires to get more data on your user demographics
  • Deploy user satisfaction feedback to understand what users think of specific pages or features of your website
  • Interpret all the data you gather to make positive changes to your website experience and improve your conversion rates

This is an accredited activity

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