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This course is accredited with the CPD Group

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PPC is arguably the most powerful advertising platform. It puts your business right in front of your target audience at the very moment they are looking for your services.

Because Google Ads is a complex platform, many marketers and business owners are wasting money, or worse, have never tried advertising on Google.

This PPC Training will give your the knowledge you need through step by step tutorials that show you more than theory alone.

Watch The Course Introduction

Full Course Curriculum

See the full course curriculum below, including the duration of each module. Free previews are highlighted in green.

Introduction to Google Ads
What is Google Ads (9:34)
How The Google Ads Auction Works (4:13)
Quality Score Explained (8:18)
Ad Rank Explained (6:17)
First Knowledge Check
Planning Your PPC Campaign
Setting Objectives (4:08)
Setting Profitability Objectives (5:48)
Profitability Tool Download
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Conversion Rate Review (2:14)
Conversion Rate Review (after making changes) (3:30)
How to create a Google Ads Account
Creating a New Account - Issue with Needing a Credit Card (4:57)
Creating a New Account with No Credit Card (4:24)
Understanding the Google Ads Hierarchy
Google Ads Account Structure (3:59)
Google Ads Account Structure Walk-through of an Account (4:56)
Campaign and Adgroup Structure (5:02)
Google Ads Account Structure Knowledge Check
All You Need to Know About Keywords
What are Keywords? (4:43)
Broad Match Keywords (5:36)
Phrase Match Keywords (5:20)
Exact Match Keywords (5:08)
Negative Keywords (4:07)
Keyword Research
Introduction to Keyword Research (5:05)
Before Keyword Research
Keyword Research with The Google Keyword Planner - Part 1 (15:09)
Keyword Research with the Google Keyword Planner - Part 2 (12:57)
Text Ads
Text Ads Explained (5:42)
Standard Text Ads (6:10)
Responsive Search Ads (6:39)
Call Only Ads (5:48)
Campaign Planning with Spreadsheets
Segmenting Your Keywords Into Adgroups (4:17)
Planning Your Campaign Structure with a Spreadsheet (12:07)
Negative Keyword Research (Part 1) (7:17)
Negative Keyword Research (Part 2) (7:59)
Download the Planning Spreadsheet
Bidding Strategy on Google Ads
Introduction to Bidding Strategy (5:53)
Manual CPC and ECPC (5:54)
Target CPA (5:19)
Target ROAS (5:32)
Maximize Strategies - (conversion value and conversions) (5:16)
Vanity Bidding Strategies (Maximize Clicks & Target Impression Share) (8:37)
Ad Extensions
Call Extensions (5:02)
Callout Extensions (4:42)
Location Extensions (4:52)
Message Extensions (3:38)
Price Extensions (7:11)
Promotion Extension (6:09)
Sitelink Extension (4:51)
Structured Snippet Extension (4:49)
Conversion Tracking
What is Conversion Tracking (7:19)
Conversion Tracking Tutorial - Website Forms (18:07)
Conversion Tracking Tutorial - Phone Calls (7:46)
Full Campaign Setup Tutorial
Initial Settings, Bid Strategy and Targeting Setup (21:54)
Creating Sitelinks (6:30)
Creating Callout Extensions (5:17)
Adding a Call Extension (4:50)
Structured Snippet Extension (4:44)
Location Extensions (1:48)
Promotion Extension (6:13)
Price Extensions (5:13)
Message Extensions (4:05)
Adgroups and Keywords (3:58)
Standard Text Ads (6:37)
Responsive Search Ads (9:04)
Setup Complete (1:54)
Adding Your Negative Keywords (1:33)
Adding Your Billing Information (2:30)
Reporting on Your Results
Understanding Reporting and Metrics (11:17)
Building Reports in Google Ads - Part 1 (9:26)
Building Reports in Google Ads - Part 2 (10:12)
Optimization and Campaign Improvement
What is Optimization? (9:41)
Optimize by Device (7:20)
Optimize by Location (5:12)
Ad Schedule Optimization (9:54)
Optimizing Ads and CTR (7:29)
Finding New Negative Keywords with the Search Terms Report (12:09)
Keyword Level Optimization - Part 1 (9:22)
Keyword Level Optimization - Part 2 (8:44)
Summary and Final Test
Final Knowledge Check
Summary and Certification (3:02)

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Meet Your Tutor and Mentor

Darren Taylor is a digital marketing consultant and trainer with over 10 years experience, specialising in PPC, SEO and wider digital marketing strategy. He is also the Principal and Director here at The SEM Academy and host of The SEM Academy YouTube Channel

He has built and managed successful PPC campaigns at both the multinational FTSE100 level and for growing small businesses. When you join The SEM Academy, Darren will become your mentor. You'll have unlimited access to ask him anything.

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Whether you're new to Google Ads or a long time users who wants to improve, this training course will allow you to take your PPC skills to the next level.

If you get stuck, don't worry, you'll be able to ask the tutor and get help at any time throughout the course.

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We teach our PPC training methods at the IDM (DMA Group), Hult International Business School and The University of Greenwich, ensuring you're getting the best in class training.

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When you pass this course (and all courses with The SEM Academy) you will be rewarded with a CPD certificate accredited by The CPD Group™.

CPD Group™ accreditation ensures or materials are robust, comprehensive and deliver on the promised learning outcomes.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how the Google Ads auction works in depth
  • Understand what factors affect your setup and performance
  • Learn how to do keyword research and budget your ads effectively
  • Go beyond Google Ads and learn conversion rate optimisation, planning with spreadsheets and reporting
  • Learn how to set up profitable, well targeted campaigns that deliver positive ROI
  • Understand what makes a compelling text ad that people want to click
  • Understand how to use all the Google Ads features through step by step setup tutorials
  • Learn advanced Google Ads strategy

This is an accredited activity.

Student Testimonial

“I recently studied the Google Ads PPC Training from SEM Academy and can honestly say it’s the best PPC online course I’ve taken, and I’ve been through a few.

Whether you’re a freelancer, agency or business owner running your own ads, the course will be beneficial to you. I’m confident there’s something for everybody to learn.

The best thing is being able to ask questions about campaigns you’re running, or if you want to clarify something you learned through the training. You’ll get a considered and expert answer back which really is invaluable to me. It’s great to get a second pair of very experienced eyes on something or to get something clarified.

I highly recommend this to everybody currently involved or who wants to become involved in Google Ads.”

Ben Turner – Freelance PPC Consultant