We've put together a list of the most common student questions below.

What recognition do you have?

Our courses are approved by the CPD Accreditation Group (accreditation number #777926), ensuring that all of our courses are robust and high quality. We are also voluntarily registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (registration number #10084804)

Can I get support?

Absolutely. We believe that you should get the full classroom experience, even when learning online. All members of The SEM Academy can submit questions directly to an expert tutor and get a fast response. See how it works below…

Who should take your courses?

Our courses are designed for those working in marketing and business. We train in-house marketers, freelancers, agency staff, business owners and entrepreneurs.

You state that your courses are technical, is that true?

Yes. We have a strong focus on offering technical tutorial style courses that show you step by step how to use the advanced features of marketing platforms.

Many course providers focus on theory and talk around a subject without going into specifics.

For example, other course providers will tell you what PPC is. But with us, you'll know how to actually use the features of Google Ads like a professional.

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, you will receive a CPD certificate at the end of all of our training courses. You can add this to your CV and allocate it to your required CPD training hours.

Do you offer face to face or classroom training?

Ordinarily, yes. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we haven't started our classroom training sessions yet. When we begin face to face training again, it will take place at our training centre in Newcastle, or at your place of business across the UK.

How are your course materials presented?

All of our courses consist of video lessons and tutorials which show you step by step how to leverage the latest marketing tools. There are also quizzes in between the lessons to ensure attainment.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 1 day free trial. This allows you to evaluate the style and delivery of the materials ahead of becoming a member.

I've learned all I can. How can I cancel?

You can cancel/manage your membership at any time by logging into the learning platform, navigating to “manage subscriptions" via the avatar in the top right corner