You already enjoy the digital world a lot, don’t you?

Your Facebook activities and Google searches do validate your obsession for the digital world around you.

You wake with your phone and know the world around from the most private corner in your house. Somebody said his brain works at its best while sitting pretty at the toilet seat with his lovely smartphone in hand. Abnormal?

Maybe for many, but definitely not for the digitally active smart folks!

By the way, that’s a genius idea. No body to disturb around! You are no less than Einstein there…

It does not end here. You laugh, cry, get angry, and be jealous – all on internet. Check…. really?

Hmm! Those smileys, emoticons, and funny animated GIFs, can’t do without them actually. Especially the ones about our amazing political leaders are awesome…:)

Moving ahead… you hardly lose any quizzical argument with your friends anymore. You barely get lost on the way to anywhere. You may run short of phone balance or bugged by overdue bills, but not the internet packs. No standing in long queues at PVRs, you just love Bookmyshow. And when everyone around has slept and TV keeps broadcasting those repeated and boring movies, you look for your pillow, do a final check on status updates. The last thing you see before sleeping – is your phone.

That’s just awesome. It shows how emotionally and enthusiastically connected you are to the digital world around you.

It all happening around you everyday makes you plan for hundreds of things. You don’t even notice when you start daydreaming about the job you have always wanted, or the business you have been planning to setup, or the freelancing niche you have been thinking of, or the appraisal you have been craving for.

Daydreaming – yes that’s the right word for these lovingly lively and daring dreams till you actually step out do something about it.

In such a scenario, getting to learn digital marketing is definitely something  which will kill these daydreaming habits and make them the reality for you. Really?

Yes. You are already passionate about and emotionally connected to the digital world. If you agree even to the 60% of the traits we discussed above, you are simply obsessed with the digital world, and digital marketing is one right way for you which literally can make you what you have always dreamt of. Once you get to know how to make someone buy what you are going to sell, you become the masters of your destiny. Digital marketing – most specifically Search Engine Marketing and Social Advertising is all about that only.

Does that interest you?

Let’s talk about some of the facts and findings about digital marketing in India –

  1. A recent report published by Octane Research says –

    India’s internet population has risen from 120 million in 2011 to 350 million in 2015. It makes India the second largest in the world by the number of internet users, after China. The number of smartphone users is also expected to reach 651 million in 2019 from 140 million in 2014, almost 4.7 times. The future of Digital India looks promising with Government of India’s ‘India Digital Plan’ 2019*. The plan promises that 250,000 villages in India will have internet and all public places will have Wi-Fi.

  2. A survey conducted by Social Beat reveals that 87 per cent brands prefer digital marketing as their primary mode of promotion today.
  3. Digital ad spending of India is going to surpass $1 billion by 2017, reports eMarketer.
  4. In 2010 India had created only about $3 billion in Internet wealth and in 2015 it was $35 billion. Sandeep Aggarwal from Droom compares India’s this digital industry growth to Europe’s Industrial revolution. He projects this figure to touch $100 billion by 2018.
  5. A major percentage of brands have come up to tap this growing opportunity in digital world. Here’s how they are responding to it –
Brands' spends on digital marketing

Source – Octane Research – Jan. 2016

What do these facts and finding mean to you?

It means this is the high time to get professional expertise in digital marketing. You already love the digital world and you are passionate about social media. Now when your job will involve the activities you love doing, it’s sure to be fun and exciting. The choice is obviously your.

Just more one thing…

Do you know that there has been an increase of 800% in digital marketing jobs in the last 5 years alone? And the salary hike within an year is average at 1.8x for this industry? 🙂 🙂 🙂



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