Is digital marketing the right career pathway for me?

If this question comes to your mind, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common and frequent questions that I get asked often. And, in an  effort to answer it precisely, let me ask you something…

What makes a great career? Take it a bit differently. What is the one vital aspect that you visualize in your dream career?

Your most common response would be – something that I am passionate about. I should be doing something I enjoy. 

Great! Passion should definitely be the prime focus while deciding a career path. However, it’s equally important to note that your decision to pursue a career pathway needn’t be taken only on passion but on employment opportunities, career growth, and several other factors as well. After all, you do a job for living, not merely for enjoyment. It does make complete sense that passion is the key aspect, yet it’s not all. Passion is necessary so that you enjoy what you do, you’re consistently motivated to excel, and your job never seems monotonous and boring. Yet, in real life scenario, there are selected few who work only for passion. You need monetary and other associated motivations as well to stick to a job.

This is where a career in digital marketing comes to the fore. It’s one industry today that promises you a real promising career. And the reason is obvious, India is the fastest growing market in web world and it is producing literally huge job opportunities for trained professionals.

The best part is – no specific qualification is required to pursue a career in digital marketing. It is suited for everyone looking to start a career, enhance job profile, and increase sales in online businesses. A digital marketing career is suited for individuals with a passion for internet and love seeking creative solutions to problems.

What is Digital Marketing?

In simple terms, digital marketing is about promoting products or services with digital technologies like internet, mobiles, and other digital mediums. The growth trend of digital marketing started around a decade ago in India and it has hugely been impacting the way businesses market their goods and services ever since. Most noticeably, traditional marketing channels are on the decline with the advent of digital marketing.

According to Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), the total internet users in India have touched 371 million by June 2016. With this, India has second largest internet population in Asia lead by China. Internet penetration is consistently increasing in India producing a conducive environment for eCommerce businesses and internet marketers. Digital marketing is the new age of marketing and businesses need to accept this, sooner the better.

Growth Stats of Indian Digital Marketing Industry

India’s total ad spending will grow by 15.5% in 2016, according to GroupM. Digital marketing advertising has grown the fastest with 47.5% accounting for 12.7% of total ad spend. Businesses, small and large, can’t actually do without digital marketing any more.

Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing

The online marketing industry is still nascent in India but growing at an impressive pace of 40% and other industries look sluggish with just 5-10% growth. Most interestingly, this growth rate will continue in India even in the coming years. Presently, digital marketing industry employs approximately 4 lacs people currently, but will need 15-20 lacs trained professionals by 2020 in India. Every business will need trained professionals to create and execute strategies in online marketing campaigns to succeed and sustain. This is why demand for trained online marketing professional is bound to rise every day.

Excitingly, the highest growth rate is in Search Engine Marketing jobs. This industry needs trained professionals in literally great numbers. Hence, if you are someone looking to make it in big online world, equip yourself with the skills of PPC platforms like AdWords, BingAds, Facebook and Twitter.