Imagine a SEM course that teaches you more than just PPC. Be a true digital marketer. Give your career an unforeseen boost!

A course that trains you for all prominent PPC platforms…

Google AdWords

Comprehensive PPC Training
Basic to Advanced Concepts of PPC Advertising

Microsoft BingAds

Become a Real PPC Pro!
SEM isn’t Complete without BingAds

Facebook Advertising

Facebook & Instagram Ads
Ads on social media? There’s no alternative to FB Ads.

Twitter Advertising

Be ready for the future
Be ready for the future, there’s a lot to come.

Here’s an overview of the course!

This comprehensive Search Engine Marketing (SEM) course will kick start with a focus on Google AdWords. You will learn the concept of online business models and advertising strategies with detailed and presentation led sessions covering basics to advanced concepts of AdWords. 

Once you have understood AdWords well, we will move to BingAds followed by Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads.

  • The Concept of Online Business, Websites and Online Advertising
  • What is Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing?
  • An overview of Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook and Twitter Ads. How do they work?
  • Different business goals and most relevant campaigns types for them
  • Research and Analysis before setting up the right campaign type
  • Understanding Platform Specific Options, Tools and learning to use them effectively
  • Understanding user behaviour and optimizing landing page experience
  • Setting up tracking, reporting, and learning to optimize and monitor campaign effectively
  • Small to big performance hacks and client communication
  • How to setup and market your own profile online and how to establish yourself as expert?

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Who is this course for?

Students / Jobseekers

Dramatically increase employability by equipping yourself with Search Engine Marketing skills.


Drive more sales to your business, deploy advanced SEM techniques, and boost overall ROI.

Working Professionals

Accelerate your career growth by learning advanced search engine marketing strategies.

And everyone else willing to start their own business or simply freelance

The digital advertising industry in India is growing like never before. But ironically, there's always a dearth of real experts. Be the next. Embrace the future.