AdWords Converted Click is a click metric that counts the number of clicks leading to one or more conversions. For instance, if a user visiting your website from an ad converted twice or for two different conversion actions, AdWords at the moment reports it as one converted click and two conversions. But as per the new update, you will no longer be able to see Converted Click metric in AdWords after September 2016.

So, why is Google removing this click metric?

AdWords Conversion tracking has evolved at lot over the years. Today, you can track all individual conversions separately even if they are driven by a single click. You can track cross device conversions and can modify how conversions are attributed and counted.  The converted click metric fails to support some of the these added features. And most importantly, whatever you track and report with this metric can easily be achieved by relying on conversion metric. Perhaps, this is the reason Google is retiring converted click.

How does it affect you?

If your CPA biding strategies were relying on Converted Click, edit to start relying directly on conversions. If you track multiple conversion actions, you can very easily select the conversion you actually want to be used for optimization strategies and leave the rest from consideration.

In short, it won’t impact you. However, if you feel there can be possible problems, post your question in the comment below. I will be happy to take on them… 🙂