If you are looking to become a digital marketing expert, you must already be possessing several great qualities of a modern day marketer. For instance, you love the digital world. You are a go-getter, and ready to go extra miles as and when required, don’t you?

Perfect! You are on the way to becoming a great marketer.

How about AdWords? What are some of the most amazing differentiators that an AdWords expert has? Come, let’s explore them –

Flexibility to Change –

Heraclitus, a Greek Philosopher, once said – Change is the only constant thing in life.  It’s very true in the context of marketing. If you agree, embrace the change as it comes, and stay prepared for the probable ones beforehand, you are going to be an expert every business needs and loves to hire.

An expert is not someone who works only to improve performance but falls flat when a sudden change comes in the industry, consumer behaviour, or in the business in question. A real expert should flexibly be able to adapt to changes. Any digital employer today dies to get such employees who do not only help drive the business further but readily responds and saves the business from turmoil when things stumble around.

So, if you have the flexibility to change, you will go a long way with your digital marketing career pathway.

Curiosity like a Child

When someone asked Einstein if he had any particular talent which he credited his success to, he said – “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious”.

I live this thought every day. Curiosity and questions are the two keys which have brought me where I am today. I recall my MBA internship where a colleague flaunted his HTML skills to a group of people including me. He wrote his name in an HMTL page and made it scroll left to right on a web browser screen. To be honest, it was something I had never seen. Though, I knew computers well, but this HTML thing was all Greek to me then, around ten years ago. We were not from IT background, so quite obviously, it was an interesting thing. Everyone was impressed.

I don’t know how everyone else responded to this event, but for me, it was troublesome. It made me restless. I started spending hours and hours on learning HTML online. By the next two months, I was efficient enough code several complex layouts into HTML. And today, though I do not code anymore, I possess advanced level knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript all popular paid and open source content management platforms.

It makes no difference how I learned it. What matters the most is why and how could I learn it all. You are right. It was my curiosity. I had questions. Issues that needed answers. And those answers mattered perhaps more than anything else. I read, I practised, I made mistakes, I tried and kept trying till I succeeded.If you have the same or similar curiosity to know something you don’t know, choosing AdWords as your career will take you places.

The reason is quite evident. Digital marketing is an ever changing world. There are new updates now and then. There’s a lot to learn, explore and experiment. In such a scenario, if you don’t have the hunger for learning, your knowledge will be confined, and it will soon be outdated.

Having childlike curiosity will add something every day to your knowledge. It will keep you updated with the latest and will make you an AdWords expert of today, not yesterday.

Understanding the Need for Team Play

As a digital marketing expert, if you do freelancing or have your own business, you will find the need for delegation at the stage you start growing. You will require your team members to share your burden so that you can be more focused to the best part of your work – strategy formulation and deciding pathways of implementations. It is something I was not very good at in the beginning stage of my business expansion. I tried doing everything myself because I knew if it is to be done the best way, I have to do it by myself.It was a mistake I realised months later.

We all have 24 hours in a day, and there is a human limitation for speed tied with accuracy. It is challenging to stay calm and focused when you work hard to get new clients and step up to handle consistently increasing workload yourself. The clock will get over you. And it happened to me.I took it all on me and was very hesitant to hire and delegate this increased workload to a new team member. I refused to understand the need for team and team play. It is one mistake you mustn’t do. If you train your team to handle responsibilities, there’s no doubt that it will take your time. It will make you feel that you can tackle this increased workload faster and better than your team.  Then why spend time training?

This is where you need to understand the necessity of team and team play. Building a team takes time and effort, but it brings in more efficiency and productivity in the long run.

Further, if you are employed and work in a team, the spirit of team playing becomes more important. As an AdWords expert, you will need the help from designing, development, and the content team of your organisation. You may need to get some design elements on the website tweaked/changed to improve User Experience. You may need the help of web development team to set up a complex tracking on the site.

In short, there are several activities of your workload that may require assistance from different groups in your company. This is where your team playing spirit will assist you and will make you more efficient and productive.

A Winner’s Attitude

As an AdWords expert, you must have a winner’s attitude all the time. There can be multiple instances of highs and lows, and it would be easier to get stressed. But you need to take things forward with a positive attitude.

Remember, if you made a strategy and it didn’t work out well, it does not mean the next won’t work well. The initial failure of achieving the goal you aimed at does not mean it’s all over. Take failures as the methods or strategies that didn’t work. Take note and learn from it so that you don’t repeat the same in your next effort.

If you have this attitude, you already have one trait of winners. You are the kind of people who come up with mind-blowing strategies. The ones who are afraid of failures alway die being below average. The actual winners are those who break shackles and think beyond the box.

Consistency in Efforts

The ability to maintain consistency is one of the highly significant qualities of a digital marketing expert. If you do all the work in one sitting and do not even bother to look at and analyse the performance of your campaigns for several days, it’s going only to deteriorate the performance of your campaigns. Any successful marketing campaign needs consistency and so does AdWords. As an expert, you should be a consistent player who maintains consistency as a discipline.

If you believe you have these qualities, becoming an AdWords expert is the best you can think of. You can be one of the selected few who rule advertising markets and make brands successful online.

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